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Thread: Can I have an hourglass daughter?

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    I think that the mother's hormonal climate will have a lot to do with how the child will change at puberty, but I don't believe it's set in stone. Women's body shapes change as their hormones change, and this can happen at any time. When women improve their hormonal health, they store more fat in the breasts and upper part of the buttocks, and less below the belly button, in the lower back, and below the buttocks. And their waists become smaller. So basically they become hot. And hot women can turn into apples and pears when things go awry.

    I also don't believe that the body shapes you're describing are really 'types' that genetics decide we fit into. So I don't consider myself a 'pear with a bit of apple', I just have a pear shape caused by estrogen dominance overlaid with the apple shape that chronic elevated cortisol and too much testosterone have caused. I don't believe that people look like apples because they are apples, I think they look like apples because of whatever is wrong with their hormones. And there has to be a genetic component to that, but I don't believe someone with an inherited tendency to become apple-ish ever has to.
    well said.
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    I'm an apple, my oldest daughter is a pear, youngest is very skinny and too young to tell.
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    I'm a strawberry, my mom's a blueberry, and my grandma's a mango. Oh, and my dad's a banana.

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    A family of apples with a maternal grandmother very much a pear. I'm apple when fat; stick figure with no hips and mini boobs when thin. Those apples lived a long time, so I'm not too worried about health or longevity.
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    In all seriousness, my mom was sort of an apple. She gave birth to one awesome male (me), so maybe you will just produce better guys than girls.

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    Thats an interesting question....
    I used to have a book that discussed where different body types put on weight-
    Apples- stomach
    Pears- lower body
    Hourglass- limbs

    My mom is an apple now, and her limbs have thinned out, but she used to look more like me. I have a small waist, larger boobs, a good butt, but then very heavy arms and legs.

    I think that in a healthy weight, all body shapes are attractive. So I wouldn't worry aboutit- pass on your active healthy lifestyle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wiltondeportes View Post
    I'm a strawberry, my mom's a blueberry, and my grandma's a mango. Oh, and my dad's a banana.
    . Your family sounds utterly delicious.

    It really is funny that women describe their body shapes with fruit.....hahah. I totally understand why but it's hilarious to me right now for some reason.

    I'm an hourglass and so is my daughter. No fruit here.

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    I wish I had my mom's (or anyone on her side of the family) body shape - unfortunately I seem to take after my dad's. Working on leaning out and then that doesn't matter. I think that if you are apple shaped, that's not in and of itself a bad thing you just have to worry more about weight because it's worse biologically to carry it around your midsection than thighs. However, best to not carry it around at all.

    I know that apple is a more male-typical pattern of gaining weight, and I know that with PCOS testosterone is elevated. So I've wondered if that's what made me gain more in my midsection than elsewhere. My mom is an hourglass though and so his her mother.
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    One's bone structure is independent of where one puts on fat. My bone structure is extremely hourglass in shape, though I became more apple in appearance by putting on weight all over. My daughter, when slender, had narrow hips, and she has more readily become apple in appearance without putting on anywhere near as much weight as I was carrying at my heaviest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karate Lisa View Post
    This made me lol
    Me too!
    *My obligatory intro

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