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Thread: A Primal Pregnancy

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    A Primal Twin Pregnancy

    I'm 32 years, primal and have just found out that I'm pregnant!
    It wasn't planned and a bit of a shock. I've never been that interested in kids I must admit, and just to be quite sure that I never wanted any myself. I mellowed a bit over the years though, and especially after I'm current boyfriend who really is special.

    At first I was just thinking that I didn't want it to be true so I didn't have to make a decision, but when I saw my doctor the same day as I took the test I told him I was leaning more towards keeping it. And later that day we decided to go for it. So it wasn't such a tough decision to make after all.

    I feel very happy with our decision, and very excited! All the fears and worries are gone. I don't even worry about giving birth and my body changing. Those used to be a few of the things that put me off having a baby before.

    And the really cool thing is that my younger sister who's got two kids is also pregnant. She and the rest of the family don't know yet seeing as it's only been 3 weeks. Only shame I don't get to see them that much as they all live in Norway. But that's what the Internet is for!

    My plan is to stick to a primal diet and continue with my regular exercise for as long as I can. That means jogging twice a week, a bit of weightlifting and body weight exercises when I feel like it, and I want to do even more yoga than I'm currently doing.

    For years I've wanted something to happen, something make my life more interesting, but I never I knew what that something was. I think that maybe this might be it.
    Exciting times ahead!

    3 weeks pregnant today
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    A Primal Twin Pregnancy

    Proud mother of twin girls!

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