So days three and four hit and carbs are around 150g per day no grains minimal yogurt. At times I feel light headed and super hungry. I eat about 2600 cals perday, CF 4 days / week and 1-2 run or spin for 30-60min. I figure I should eat about 2600-2700 cals per day, but man, sometimes the hunger is outrageous! The book says this diet you'll be less hungry, but I'm finding that when I do get hungry it's ravenous, like I could go and hunt down an elephant with just my teeth and hands to eat!

So I just keep eating more and more protein and fat to keep a steady ratio c/f/p 20/60/20. I've heard two weeks are tough, but this is a little funky! Plus sometimes I get like a wave of tiredness that at any moment it feels like I'm going to sleep right where I am and I mean deep sleep.

Is this really going ot settle in two weeks or is it like this for ever?

Up until now I've been Zoning with little grains, so it's not like I totally shcoked my system and I still eat 150g carbs (veggies and fruit -i.e. berries or apple before exercise).

Anyone experience the same thing? Plus, now day 6 and headaches are setting in...

Comments welcome