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Thread: Coconut oil= inflammation

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    Coconut oil= inflammation

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    Hey Everyone,
    I've upped my coconut oil intake to 3 tbsp. a day.
    I've been waking up with stiff and inflammed joints.
    I usually only have the inflammation if I've eaten grains, nuts, seeds, dairy, soy, nightshade veggies, or too many eggs (the whites) inflame me. I do remember being sensitive to coconut products at one time but I'm only using the oil now.
    Any thoughts?

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    Sorry I can't answer your question, I'd be interested to know too. I've read where many people take coconut oil by mouth every day but I don't understand the reason for it. Could someone enlighten me? Is it because they aren't getting enough fat in their Primal diet? I have arthritis in both knees and if coconut oil is a cause of inflamation I probably should avoid it.

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