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Thread: Primal meal planner/menu

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    Primal meal planner/menu

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    Me again, is there anywhere we I can find an actual meal plan...... at least for two weeks or does everyone make up their own meals?

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    I highly recommend a book called Everyday Paleo. There are so many good
    And easy to follow recipes in there and there are meal plans based on the recipes as well.

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    We have a giant dry erase calendar in our kitchen where we write all our appointments as well as meals. I plan meals out at least 2 weeks at a time (hubby gets paid every 2 weeks)
    I can't recommend enough the books Make It Paleo and Everyday Paleo! EP has a 30 day meal plan to get you started, and Make it Paleo is 400 pages of food porn.
    --Trish (Bork)

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    I used to plan out my meals, but it made it seem to be chore. I would rather be a little inventive with it. I find that cheaper and easier to maintain.

    Just get all the primal ingrediants that you use.
    When you're hungry just go to the fridge and slap some things together.

    One way I find it very easy is that I always eat the same salad for dinner..
    spring mix greens
    diced red/green/yellow bell peppers
    diced cucumbers
    drizzle olive oil on top with vinegar....

    Then I just use whatever protein I feel like, chicken, pork , beef...etc

    I will typically follow this routine for the work week and then be more creative on the weekends.
    Primal (2013)
    Locavore (locally grown foods when possible)
    Training consists of Muay Thai, BJJ, weight training, and mountain biking

    Would like to be in good shape by my 36th Birthday (07-07-2013)

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    Thank you for your replies, will check out the Paleo books.

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    Also check out

    Its a site with a ton of great recipes and for a fee you can sign up for the meal plans too. It's a weekly meal plan plus shopping list and I like it as a place to start from at least. It helps me a lot with buying the right quantity of food even if I don't always end up making all the recipes.

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