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Thread: Who Here Uses a Cheat "DAY"?

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    @Shastagirl: Roundtable Pizza?! Ah the memories. I was born in Sacramento, ,oved away when I was like 3 or 4, but I do remember Roundtable pizza. In '96 we went back for a visit and the first thing I said when we got there was "Mommy Roundtable pizza plz!!"

    I have been doing the "carb-up" day since I started. Tomorrow will be my "carb-up" day for this week. I tend to feel much better, especially since I train so much. I follow it with a very low-carb day. Saturday I will be going out of town, so I won't be doing any training either.

    Carb sources are sweet potatoes and butternut squash, and maybe an extra serving of fruit (fruit normally - 1-2 times a day for me)

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    I like to throw, squat and pull heavy things for fun.

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    Jury is still out for me.

    I started this process last June and have lost about 55 lbs so far, but have definitely hit a plateau.

    About 3 weeks ago, based on some things I read off of Tim Ferris and Lyle McDonald's blogs, I decided to incorporate 3 cheat meals in a row (from Thurs PM to Fri PM, sans bkfst).

    While it has been kinda fun eating pizza, mexican food w/ chips and tortillas and french fries, the only thing that has happened is a general crappy feeling most of the following weekend. No weight loss in all of the 3 wks. Of course, it may not be the fault of the "cheat meals." I may simply not be doing other things right.

    So this week I have moved my work out time to lunch and have been incorporating IF'ing as part of my weekday.

    The first 50 pounds came off so easily. These next 50 are fighting for thier little fat lives.

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    Typically, body builder's, or people with sub 10% body fat, use re-feeds for the leptin increase.

    Basically, as you lift on a PB diet throughout the weak, your muscles will use all of their stored glycogen. The goal is to refill that glycogen so that your muscles refill for intense work, and spilling calories over into fat so that leptin increases. This increase keeps you burning fat rather than muscle for fuels on your diet.

    That said, you want to focus on GLUCOSE, with limited fructose/lactose on the refeeds, as fructose/lactose refill liver glycogen and then spill into fat.

    The goal is actually go to LOW fat during the refeed, with protein grams approximately equal to body weight, and the rest carbs.

    During a typical refeed, I will start off with skim milk (YUCK) with a scoop of whey, yogurt, and cheerios. Sweetarts/gobstoppers are a good treat because they are made of malto/dextrose and not sucrose (which is half glucose and half fructose). Lunch will be pasta or a few bagels with lean meat, with a repeat for dinner. Sweet Potatoes or Oats are good as well, but the fiber in them can really get filling throughout the day. Overall, I shoot for 3500 calories on a refeed (as opposed to 1500-2500 on a normal "diet" day). If anything, it makes me NEVER want to touch something sweet during the week, and has the benefit of extra fat loss.

    The next day, I normally look a little "puffy" from the water gain, but in my experience, I'll really lean down after 2-3 days.

    Hopefully this clears it up a bit.

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    hoff your routine sounds about the same as i would do, expecially about the avoidance of fat and fructose during a carb up. i think people think of a carb up as "eat the usual food" and add potatoes/oatmeal/yogurt etc etc but it doesnt work like that you cant have your potato and fry it in coconut oil too, but the potato you can have or regular PB, the coconut oil you MUST HAVE!

    i personally cant believe you own skim milk haha that makes me laugh... why not something like almond milk since it's already low in fat? maybe it has a lot of protein i have never looked into the stuff

    but i think the key to these carb up things is eat real whole source PB carbs(without the fruit), make them starchy, keep protein to a minimum and forget the fat

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    I'll admit to a cheat *meal* once a week. But it's a psychological issue, not a physiological one. I know I don't do well if I tell myself "No more donuts ever again." Because then I start wanting donuts and a diet that won't let me eat them feels restrictive and I lose a lot of motivation to stick with my plan.

    If I can tell myself "Okay, have a donut in three days for your cheat meal," I stick better with my plan overall. And nine times out of ten my cheat-meal rolls around and I look at the donut and think "I'll feel like poo tomorrow and there's no way the donut is *that* good" or I'll be over my crazy donut craving.

    But it's definitely not a health-enhancing meal.

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