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    Here's an advanced body weight workout...

    Complete 20 reps of each exercise before moving onto the next, without resting (in circuit fashion).

    Work through a full range of motion, using a 4 second eccentric phase (lowering) and exploding through concentric phase (lifting portion).

    This helps to target type II muscle fibers ---> greater gains in lean muscle, more favorable hormone response and greater fat-burning post-workout.

    Also makes the body weight exercises a lot more challenging.

    Complete the exercises in this order:

    1) Decline push-ups

    2) Single leg hip extension (20 reps per leg)

    3) Body weight chin-ups

    4) Y-squats

    5) Stability ball plank x 45 seconds

    6) Side lunges (20 reps per leg)

    Rest 90 seconds and repeat 1-2 more rounds for an awesome "hybrid" workout (nice mix of cardio and strength training).

    Enjoy and remember to follow the exact tempo laid out, for maximum results.

    - Brad Campbell

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    Thanks for using this forum as a marketing tool. Barf!

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    I don't see how he's using it as a Marketing tool at all. Nice workout, might do that since I don't have much time to workout lately.

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    haha, I was a lil confused by that as well. It's frustrating when forum users are so quick to lash out at anyone who happens to have a blog of their own, regardless of how helpful and non-self-promoting their forum posts are.

    I'm here to talk about the subjects I'm passionate about. I thought people may enjoy some challenging and effective workout routines and I'm glad you did....



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    I see this as no different from someone posting their workout of the day in our WOD thread.

    Thx for the workout Brad. I love BW workouts!

    I grok, therefore I am.

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    thx for the support...BW workouts rock - when you learn how to give your body a challenging workout using only your body weight, there's essentially no excuse for skipping workouts....especially when traveling and away from the gym (which I hardly ever use anymore).

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    Thanks for the post Brad. I'd like to print it and tack it on my office wall for those days when I get stuck at work. Is there a site where I can read definitions of these moves? Maybe a Youtube video or something?

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    @elbohead - yep, sorry i should have included descriptions. your best bet would be to do a google search or search youtube for video demonstrations.

    i know that's cumbersome, but at least you will obtain the proper form/technique.

    enjoy the workout.


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