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Thread: Looking for some guidance

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    PJAP: Oh completely understoood. I get emails daily (I am a BB coach) and I try to help my family to make better decisions. Today I was asked "Which 'pop' was better or healthier to drink?" There is a WTF moment.

    I love this forum and the community here. I am learning so much about a healthier lifestyle. What was comforting to me what I practiced 7 of the 10 laws of the PB. Its the fat part and the sleep part I struggle with. I guess I am not so far off from calling myself primal!

    Speaking of, time to update my journal for yesterday. Thanks for your wisdom!

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    It's hard to embrace this lifestyle, but when you do, it's like riding a bike or finally learning to drive stick. You wake up one day and think "how is this NOT common sense?" </blockquote>

    The primal epiphany! After experiencing this lifestyle, it really is hard to believe that convential wisdom would dictate otherwise.

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