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Thread: First Fast During Primal- Lots of Pain!

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    First Fast During Primal- Lots of Pain!

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    So, being religious I have fasted several times. In fact, having done it so many times, during my fasting days I actually experience more energy and focus! However, breaking the fast is the tough part, because I have a weak stomach. Before going Primal, I used to break it with 2 pieces of bread with apple slices and butter and small glass of juice.

    This was my first experience breaking my fast while primal. As normal, I woke up for breakfast and had little appetite. Thinking nothing of it, I cooked 6 oz of pastured-raised sirloin steak in butter then 2 eggs in the juices-- I don't eat lunch anymore, so my breakfasts are now huge.

    This was a /terrible/ idea. I was in pain for almost 6 hours. It is a sharp pain in my left abdomen. I broke down and ate a sandwich for lunch with friends (pain does stupid things to you), thinking the easy to digest carbs would settle my stomach. I had to be driven home it made the pain so bad. After only a couple hours, though, the pain subsided and I am back to normal, but I have NO idea what happened.

    Does anybody have any idea what could have occurred?

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    Could be a number of things, but next time try waiting until you're truly hungry to break the fast. I find that too much fat after a fast can cause stomach pain. Maybe start with a piece of fruit.
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    maybe next time you can try breaking with an avocado mashed with tuna fish? It's got a pretty good balance of carbs, fat, and protein. Primal has its own set of simple carbs, you just need to know where to find them.
    I also fast once a month for religious reasons, but I always count the minutes until I can hammer 1200 cals into my belly! It's weird cuz I'm totally find with intermittent fasting, and don't think twice about it, but that one Sunday a month... hoooo-dogey! I can't stand it!
    --Trish (Bork)

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