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Thread: Ostrich - pasture raised or grain fed?

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    I am interested in purchasing ostrich from online providers. Through my initial research and communication with several providers, it appears that most ostrich is grain fed. Although this would yield meat that is low in fat, it would not provide the many benefits of being pasture raised (i.e. I can get access to pasture raised turkey locally) and to me would not be worth the price. I would appreciate any insight if there is ostrich (or emu) that is pasture raised. Thank you.

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    I don't think a bird that's grain fed would mean low-fat. Quite the opposite, actually.

    I would definitely research range-free birds. Although Ostriches don't eat grass, just like chickens don't, they do pack around for a lot of bugs and such if given the opportunity. Their diet will most likely be substituted with some feed no matter where you get it from.

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    I just ate my last 2 packages of ostrich the other day. A pretty fine meat I have to say. I believe I got my ostrich, kangaroo, alligator and antelope from I'm not sure how the animals are fed, but I will tell you the meat is delicious.

    I think when it comes to "exotic" meats, you probably don't have as many pasture options as you do with beef, pork and chicken since there are relatively so few farms.

    If you're interested in exotic meats and want a more free-range option, you could always delve into wild game like venison, rabbit, quail... or even raccoon, oppossum, woodchuck, etc.

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