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Thread: NPR: The Paleo-Diet: Not The Way To A Healthy Future

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    I am NOT a libertarian (far from it), but for some reason the rational, optimal, and economic solution to the hunger problem (let them die, lower the birth rate, don't boost food production) is appealing. The empathetic part of me won't let that happen, but I still there is some substance in saying that argument. If we boost monoculture food production to feed everyone, then it will provide incentive for more growth. Heartless outlook, but logically reasonable.


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    This thread made me trash the boxed grain goods I was taking to the food bank. Seriously, out of the food bank bag into the trash can.

    I think the coming collapse of goverments(look at greece, look at the united states if we can't keep up with our payments) will lead to the end of many social services and despite the emotional pull to save everyone, many must go. As always the hungry and desparate will either starve or look to go to the next country willing to provide for them. This will continue untilthere is no more relief. Then things will begin to really get ugly.

    We are so far away from our natural way that it is obvious that species depopulation is going to come to homo sapiens, look what happens to any species that overpopulates its environment. Nature will not discriminate.
    Integrity is what we do when nobody's watching.

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