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Thread: Mark's New Pyramid

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    I always wondered why his pyramid in Primal Blueprint looked the way it did, makes more sense now.

    Haven't purchased the new book as it sounded like the Cliff Notes version of the previous book and this forum and I wasn't interested. Kinda goes against what I normally do which is buy and read every book out there on the subject, while the message is always the same there is always some little nugget to gain from each and every book. Damn! now looks like I talked myself into buying it, curse you who posted this thread....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncephalized View Post
    Agree. I have always been heavier on the meat and I'll eat a couple of pounds a day on active days. Meat's got what you need. Vegetables are a supplement, not the main course.

    I still disagree that tubers/starches are on the small end of the pyramid. I think things like sweet potatoes should be on the same level as leafy vegetables. But not for obese/diabetic people. So there really need to be two pyramids. But that would get too complicated and it's probably better to keep the message simple for people just starting out.
    I think there just has to be an understanding that different people have different needs. If you toil outside for long hours during the day, tubers are a compact source of energy. If you toil at a computer for 8 hours, maybe not so much.

    I think the best visual representation would show animal- muscle meat & fat, offal, and marrow along with fruits/vegetables sorted by nutrient type, color, etc. Then the goal would be too kind of get some in every category. One thing I've learned in nutrition is that being set in stone on a certain diet is a great way to become malnourished. There's things that we just don't know, so it's really best to eat a good variety and use what judgement you have. Of course, the primal blueprint and other paleo ideas around the web can open people's eyes to what exactly should be the choices to choose from.

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    so what changed to make spices not good to use a lot anymore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncephalized View Post
    Yeah, Mark's doing just fine, judging by the pictures his house in the book. I bought it mostly so I have something I don't mind giving someone if they want info about the PB.
    Yeah, too bad about those awful views he has to put up with, eh? And I say MORE POWER TO HIM! Anyone who can get rich by helping other people improve their lives - hell, he and the rest of the paleo trailblazers are saving lives! I hope they all get filthy rich.

    I bought the new book too, to help bump him onto the bestseller list. Of course it has a lot of the same material as the PB book but it's a lot slicker with great photos and I think he put a ton of work into it. Prolly won't give mine away though.

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    I've been tracking my food on FitDay lately as I was feeling very exhausted and fatigued. Seems 60-70% of my daily calories are from fats! But I guess that's bound to happen when you eat eggs, salmon, beef and CO? Personally I don't think a high-protein/lower fat would work well for me. Once my weightloss stalls Im ready to consider it though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamie Madrox View Post
    so what changed to make spices not good to use a lot anymore?
    I don't think he is saying not to use them, but that by volume or mass or calories, spices don't take up nearly as much "space" as meat or veggies. My dry rub, for instance, is half a cup of spices for a few pounds of meat. There's a teaspoon or two (or less) in most dishes I make for my wife and myself. Use as much as you want and by volume/mass/caloric intake, they won't add up to much.

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    Someone take a picture of the damned thing and post it here, but do not attach it.

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    Do you all find it confounding that Mark would switch up the entire Primal food pyramid and not even mention it on his blog? (Or did we just all miss it?)

    I remain firmly convinced that some folks do better on mostly meat, others do better with more vegetables. I've finally got myself dialed in, and I suggest you do your own n=1 and find your own unique setting.
    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates

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    It is quite odd considering that the pyramid is the go-to reference for everyone to identify exactly what they should be eating. I've got a feeling that Mark will mention it by the end of the year, though!

    Attachments take forever to be approved of in my experience, so it'd probably be best to upload the image to a place such as Photobucket or Imageshack and then just link it here.

    I'm really keen to see the new pyramid as well, myself, despite the fact that the book should be here soon. :P
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    I never bought the original book. Would I better off buying the new book?

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