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Thread: How do I eat only twice a day?

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    Me too, two meals a day and I eat as late in the day as possible. Nowadays I can push my first meal until 5 or 6 or 7 PM, with a (smaller) finale a few hours later in the evening.

    Actually, I've found that these late meals make the next day's fasting super easy, that's the trick, and I just figured it out; stop eating too early in the day, and the next you'll be hungry.

    Here is what I do:
    Meal 1: Carbs + protein -- usually follows a workout
    Meal 2: Fat + veggies (and some protein)

    I have to admit though, around 3 and 4 o'clock at work, I could eat (I just way prefer to exercise fasted--non-negotiable, and I've been this way for years--and that requires waiting to get home and eating later).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizz View Post
    Neurologist Dr. Kruse will never agree with this. It is essential to eat breakfast 1st thing in the morning, to preserve the Circadian Rythm in the brain. Dr. Kruse will agree with your dinner by 6:00 PM.

    Is this guy a bot or something?
    Starting a post with "person/program xy will not agree with this" sounds either stupid or like a bot.

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    I do better skipping lunch. My leptin doesn't need resetting but I still like the big Dr. K style protein breakfast, just because I do. So I eat breakfast around 9 and dinner around 5. That is also, technically a 16/8 IF a la Martin at leangains. So which guru is making me slim and healthy? I don't care.

    I think when to skip/have meals all comes down to mix of personal preference and practicality, what you like and what fits in your schedule.

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    There's no "magic" to two meals a day. I lost plenty of weight eating five meals a day. Now I see that as silly and time consuming but it didn't negate my weight loss. It can aid in caloric restriction if you're not ravenous when it's finally meal time and you overeat.

    I typically eat once or twice a day but I do have coffee with cream in the morning and stay well-hydrated. That kills my appetite unless I got crappy sleep the night before.

    Perhaps try just having coffee in the morning and seeing if you're genuinely hungry? Or take it a step back -- are you hungry each time you eat? Try eating when you're hungry and see where that takes you. There's nothing wrong with three meals per day if that best suits your hunger and lifestyle.

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    I agree that there is no "magic" number for everyone. I tried the warrior diet thing of only one meal a day and found I tended to overeat and then collapse in a stupor for several hours. Rather a waste of time. I also tried 3 meals as officially set out in the leptin protocol but I just wasn't hungry enough for a third. So I wound up in the middle with two.

    I do think that the multiple mini-meals thing is not healthy. I agree with Dr. K. there that if you are constantly pouring food into your body, your body will stay in storage for later mode i.e fat creation not burning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekron View Post
    Is this guy a bot or something?
    Starting a post with "person/program xy will not agree with this" sounds either stupid or like a bot.
    No. Grizz is just... Grizz. Sometimes when people get really enthusiastic about something (including myself) they want everyone else to know about it, too.
    That's the nice way to put it.
    --Trish (Bork)

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