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Thread: losing muscle mass?

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    Hi, I've been follow the PB now for 3 months, and have been loving it. I've lost 15 pounds and 2 inches around my waist. I'm 6'0" 160 lbs now, pretty much the sweet spot for me. The problem is I feel like I've been getting a little weaker in my workouts. I do mostly body weight stuff -- pull ups, push ups, etc. I've recently started kettlebells and those things rock. I also swim and run occasionally. Do you think I'm burning muscle? As for diet, I probably average 100g of carbs/day eating eggs, salads, nuts, chicken, stir frys, apples, some bananas. Maybe increase protein intake? Increase intensity on the lifting? Thanks.

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    Without knowing what you are doing (intensity levels) and what you are eating pre and post workout it's kind of hard to say but if you're feeling sluggish during the workout I would suggest a good pre/post liquid supplement. I use one and it gives me a boost pre-worout and keeps me from feeling overly tired post workout because it replaces the glucose that just got used up.

    It could also be that you just started using the KB's and they can kick a$$ until you get used to them.

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    Yes, try to up the intensity with your strength training. You could make body weight exercises more difficult by using slow eccentric phases and/or exploding through concentric phase. You could sprinkle in some plyometrics. You could also switch to more advanced body weight exercises, like one-leg RDL, 1 arm push-ups (or an intermediate level push-up), single leg deadlifts, etc.

    Make sure you track your body fat %, then calc your fat mass and lean mass....reassess every so often to know for sure which direction your lean mass is going.

    Hope this helps.


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    You could also add in some traditional strength training at a gym...

    If you want to stick with bodyweight only, check out Never Gymless by

    gives you tons of ideas and progressions.

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    Just keep strength straining. Also, make sure your getting enough protein. I know the minimum requirement for protein has been exaggerated a bit before, but just try adding another 15-20g daily.


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