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Thread: Ugha's workout

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    Ugha's workout

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    Ok, Ugha is my new nickname since I started PB

    I used to do Insanity and all those crazy cardio things, got tired of hammering my body. Then I started PB and have to reconfigure my workouts. So I got a set of kettlebells, a DVD and I am loving it!
    Here is where I get confused though: according to my age and sex, the doc said I should have a 130 HB, which I think it's extremely low. When I do the kettlebells, I get go as high as 171! Does that mean I will not be burning any fat??
    I started PB somewhere last September. In the beginning, I felt like I had lost a few pounds, but lately it feels like the opposite! My pants are snuggly again... I can't say it's muscle mass that I gained, because I just restarted my workouts.
    I am not having any grains whatsoever, so shouldn't I be losing?? I am not overweight at all, but would like to get leaner. What do you guys think??
    Appreciate all input! Thanks a lot!

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    Can you clarify what your doc meant by 130HB - is this a max recommendation for training purposes? If so, you need to either find a new doc or ignore any training advice they give you. Your HR will be high during any 'sprinting' type stuff you do. And 171 isn't super high. You can use the Karvonen Formula for a rough idea of training percentages and maxes:

    Karvonen Heart Rate Calculator

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