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Thread: hypoglycemia and primal

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    Smile hypoglycemia and primal

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    Ok, I'm new here, so bare with me

    I started PB because I have friends from BB that started it and encouraged me, but mostly because I am hypoglycemic and my doc said I should cut the bad carbs - rice, bread and potatoes.
    The first few days I felt horrible! Weak like a ragdoll! Ok, that was back in September. Now I feel normal for the most part, however I still need more food than most people I know. And fastening is out of question for me.
    I just started working the kettlebells but for my sadness, I feel my pants getting snuggly again. Right after I started PB, I noticed that I lost some weight, but now... Especially after I workout, I feel like a bulldozer over the food!
    So what puzzles me the most is two things:
    1) why do I need more food than others?
    2) how come I gained some weight after being over a month doing PB?

    I sometimes get scared of PB because it seems too good to be true. I am not overweight at all, but I could lose 10 lbs. I am still kind of confused on how to workout the primal way, feel scared of gaining weight with so much food freedom... Can anyone guide me??
    I got the 21-day-transformation book (didn't get here yet), but I'm hoping that will guide me better.
    Thanks, everyone! And I am happy to be here, even if I don't lose much weight...

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    Have you tried logging your food? (,, etc.) That might help!

    Good luck!

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    Would help if you could share what you're eating....a day's worth of meals.
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