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Thread: Pizza substitute?

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    This looks sooooo good! What could I use in place of the whey protein powder, though? My OH (who would most likely eat the pizza) is lactose intolerant ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivvin View Post
    This stuff makes the best damn pizza ever: Gluten free bread mixes and gluten free frozen dough - Chebe Bread

    Seriously, it's absolutely fantastic and super easy to make. You are doing yourself a disservice to not even try it once.

    I can also be used for tons of other recipes... I have a post I'm working on that demonstrates just how versatile it is.

    The Chebe bread is really good. I've used it for years since being diagnosed with Celiac. All of the Chebe mixes are good -- I've not found one I didn't like.

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    I've got three options for you, all three of these satisfy the pizza urge for my formerly pizza addicted husband:

    Meatzza <---click on for recipe

    Flatbread Pizza <---click on for recipe

    Pizza Sutffed Zucchini Boats <---click on for recipe

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