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    I'm still working on getting the exercise component of PB in place. I cycle for about 5 hours a week on average, so I think the moving slowly part is in place. Going to an air-conditioned gym to do complex exercises with artificially-designed lumps of metal while listening to my MP3 player still doesn't strike me as a very Primal experience so I have to work on that... but I was thinking about getting back on the squashcourt after some years away - would that qualify as sprinting ?

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    Whether it counts as sprinting, HIIT, or play, it would be healthy and a lot of fun, so why worry about it? Squash will help you work your reaction time, explosiveness, and hand-eye co-ordination, and it will give you a great stress break too (as long as you don't take it too seriously). If you enjoy it and don't overdo it to the point of injury then go for it. Makes me wish I had a squash court nearby.

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