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Thread: Suggestions for non chefs

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    Suggestions for non chefs

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    I've been on and off PB for about a year now, and when I was seriously on it I saw great results. I've just started again and was thinking about why I had such a lapse before. For me preparing my meals, mostly lunches to bring to work was a stumbling block where I'd often take the easy way out and buy something there. I'm not a good cook / chef, I don't like cooking, I usually work a 14-15 hour day with a 90 minute commute so I sleep at a friends or relatives houses - so I often lack the facility or the time to prepare something. When I come in the door at 11pm and am getting up to leave again at 5am I really don't want to tear up my hosts kitchens to make lunch. I find myself eating a lot of the grocery store rotisserie chickens, nuts, jerky, apples, canned tuna, some pre made salads. But it gets redundant. I'm curious for some other ideas or super simple recipes that will keep well for a few days in the work fridge.
    Thanks all.

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    No offense but, that's horrible. Can you move? Get a different job? The stress must be killing you. I did some 90min commutes and it was horrible. Foodwise I can only offer Chipotle, burgers if you can do it and, my new fave, wild caught salmon salad. You can get wild caught canned salmon in the store. I then just use lettuce, balsamic and olive oil. Love it. Good luck.

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    I usually try to cook big quantities of food when I have time and then freeze it in the freezer at home or even in the freezer at work. That works well for example with meat, fish or even omelettes and baked stuff, but not that well with vegetables

    Having said that, your work seems very stressful!

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