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    le J

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    Hi guys,
    I've turned to a low carb diet about 1 year ago (not exactly Paleo). Ever since, I've become obsessed with healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. I've even visited some bio chemistry classes to get closer to the bottom of this topic. I think there is a lot of misinformation out there and I want to be able to judge for myself.
    My motivation isn't primarily longevity but optimum physical health and great mental clarity and stability in my present days.

    I thought THE PRIMAL BLUEPRINT was OK. It was too general and shallow for my taste but I was already advanced in this topic by the time I read it which is partly responsible for my moderate enthusiasm.

    Marksdailyapple BLOG however, I find superb. I think Mark is doing an amazing job. Only wish I'd have is that he'd post more links to studies and papers.

    I'm excited to participate in this community and I'm looking forward to interesting discussions.

    One more thing:

    I'm living in Buenos Aires right now (not originally from here). Are there any primal folks in BsAs?

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    Welcome! I find the more scientific support for primal/paleo living fascinating, though somewhat beyond my grasp. I think one of the reasons that Mark doesn't link to more studies and papers is that there simply aren't any. Or at least very few. There are tons of blogs out there that may link to more studies etc though. You can find some of them through the forums (I think there are some in a sticky thread in Meet & Greet, and the Resources and Research threads usually have links to good information).
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    Thank you!
    I meant to communicate that I'd appreciate it if he'd post more links to the source information he used for writing the article. He is already doing this more than most health blog writers. So, it's just a small input to increase linkage a bit more where possible!

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