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Thread: Pork scratchings/crackling/rinds

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    Pork scratchings/crackling/rinds

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    If you could take a look at my diet over the past few days it'll give you an idea of what ive being eating... Im never hungry at all early morning so i tend to eat my breakfast/luch in one go anything between 11am and 1pm and then my dinner at about 6pm.

    My biggest downfall is snacks... i love them.... i happy to say i have not touched any crisps/tortillas or sweets forover a month now BUT i have been chomping on pork scratching.... a bag of 75g each day between about 7pm and 9pm when im watch tv/movies with the family

    im not even that hungry when i eat them so i guess its more out of habit.... i just wanted to know... with my diet would a bag of these each day hurt?

    im still losing between 1 and 3lbs per week.... started sleeping better and even had a go at some exercise

    i know they have little to no carbs but with my dinners etc not sure on my calorie intake or even what my maxium calories should be each day???

    menu 1

    4 egg spinach omelette cooked in butter

    1/2roast chicken
    wedge of strong cheddar cheese
    raw chilli pepper
    couple of gherkins
    cucumber slices
    tablespoon of mayo
    1/2 a cup of fresh pineapple and 2 kiwi fruits

    menu 2

    2 fried eggs - 4 rashers of bacon

    big bowl of homemade bolonaise (no pasta) 2 big handfuls of spinach stirred in until just wilted

    menu 3

    3 egg omeltte with a little bit of cheese
    2 cups of watermelon

    three big handfuls of prawns with a little mayoniase
    raw spinach
    (basically a massive salad topped with prawns..ha ha)

    and like i said .... a bag of pork scratching eating night to nom nom nom on :-)

    (oh ...and i only ever drink water and decaf coffee - if i drink alcohol its classed as 'binging' where i'll drink maybe a bottle of wine in one night every 2 weeks or so...)

    cheers me dears x

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    Your diet doesn't look too bad, except for the late nite snacking. Your snacks are probably okay (tho not from the best source of pork, I would imagine) but eating late isn't particularly good for weight loss -- there's nowhere for that food to go once you hit the sheets. Try to have your snack for breakfast instead?
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    Here on the border with Mexico, we use the Spanish term "chincharones" for what you are calling pork scratchings. I adore them but they must be kept out of the house or I will eat them all. They only way I have found to indulge in these is to go to a convenience store in the Mexican part of town where they sell them in very small bags and only buy one bag.

    That said, your eating looks great and, if you are doing fine and losing weight, I wouldn't sweat the indulgence. There may come a time as you approach your goal where you will have to tighten down the rules a bit but for now, enjoy.

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    Don't need to fix what ain't broken! If you're losing weight and feeling good, don't sweat it. Plenty of time to sweat details if you stop improving.
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    thanks guys........ the main problem ive had it craving sweet things......... ive never had what i'd call a sweet tooth... i'd have the odd dessert but normally favour cheese over sweet puddings..... but now when you bf is sat here eating popcorn and chocolate bars i feel like wrestling him to the ground for some........ it never bothered me before ive never even had sugerin my coffee... i just drink black decaf...i can only put it down to cuttingout processed sauces and tortillas and crisps... they must of had some sugar in them too

    at the moment about 5 of my mums grapes seem tohelp when its really bad but its madness!!!

    yeay to the scratching!

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    i was just a bit worried the salt might shrink my brain or something no-one told

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    Pork rinds would be kind of a perfect snack replacement if the sodium content wasn't insanely high. I try to avoid them for that reason alone.

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    the only thing i would say they do is makeme drink loads more water.... so i guess i would maybe weigh less if i did eat them and then drink so much????????? hmmmmmmmm

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    i love pork cracklins (with the fat). To me, they are the best crunchy snack food b/c unlike the evil plaintain chips, i will not overeat pork cracklins. They're just too filling and fatty. I can eat TONS of those damn plaintain chips but cracklins will last much longer. Love cracklins!

    i think they're good snacks, but maybe you oughtta do some restriction if you're eating the whole bag. Eat more fat in your regular meals?

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    lol......... i only did half a bag tonight

    minus one as it was hairy........ ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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