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Thread: How many calories do I have to eat to burn 2 pounds of FAT a week?

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    How many calories do I have to eat to burn 2 pounds of FAT a week?

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    I would like to know how many calories I have to eat to burn about 2 pounds of fat every week. My BMR is 1700kcal and I do the PBF all week but I don't know how much it burns. I do the spints and LHT with as high intensity as possible and the rest (5-6 hours shadowboxing/bagwork per week) with low/moderate intensity.

    Now I eat abot 1600kcal per day, is that too much or too little?

    I don't have much energy right now but I'm 2 weeks in the "adaption phase" and have had low energy all this time so I can't go after how I feel right now.

    I eat about 100g of protein, (ain't looking to increase/decrease muscle right now), 75g of carbs and the rest fat, about 100g.

    I lose weight but I don't know if it's fat or muscle. How many calories would be enough to fuel the PBF. I ain't doing anything else but the training, except some gardening 2-3 hours a week at a very low pace.

    Don't want to gain or lose muscle right now, only burn the fat.


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    From what I've read, it's not possible to only burn fat; the body will lose some muscle inevitably during a calorie deficit. You lose the least muscle when you keep your protein high and work your muscles regularly.

    However, 'how many' calories you need to lose cannot be determined by any online calculators, etc. Everyone is unique, and you have to determine your own best calorie level mainly by trial and error. Also keep in mind that the number on the scale does not always reflect actual fat loss. The body seeks equilibrium, and often when a person is losing fat regularly, the body will temporarily fill those empty fat cells with water. The scale may show no loss for several weeks until the body is forced to dump that water--which it does at its own pace, not yours.

    You can't rush this process. Focus on your eating and exercise plan, and give it some time.

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    Lots of people also find that when eating primally, they don't need to actively aim for a calorie deficit as it's harder to overeat if you're not eating all of the high carb / processed crap.

    Just concentrate on eating nutrient dense foods (meat, good fats, lots of veggies/leafy greens, some fruit, nuts & seeds), avoiding grains, sugar and processed foods in general and doing some exercise you'll see your body fat drop.

    You're not exercising to burn calories, don't eat less to take in less calories, it's more the right kinds of calories that matter.
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    With all that exercise I would eat more! That is probably why you are feeling tired. Try eating more, you're energy levels might improve.

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    Thank´s for all the info!

    I will try to eat more and see what happens...

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