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Thread: "Sprinting" In My New Apartment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grim View Post
    Right on guys, thanks for the suggestions.

    Tuck jumps do sound nasty! Maybe I can use all of those suggestions to keep things interesting. Going outside will be a chore in the upcoming months, because it's going to be cold in Colorado.

    I'll get some sun though, promise!
    Tuck jumps are brutal. I do them when I haven't been able to sprint (or haven't felt like it) because it's a much faster workout, but very taxing as well. I also do it as a quickie before showering sometimes. You'll feel your quads much more than when you're sprinting, but in no way am I saying it's better than sprinting, just different. I still think hill sprints are king and should be done more often than not.

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    ninja jump, tuck jump, squat, jump feet out like in a burpee, draw knees underneath you, start over. a ninja jump tuck to me is more explosive than a burpee and a couple of those really make me feel beat up in a great way.

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