I know a lot of people here dont advocate counting calories, but I'm going to try it for a bit just to make sure I'm within the range I am thinking of. I just wanted to make sure I am doing this right, so I am going to use my breakfast this morning as an example. I cooked 3 strips of uncured bacon in my frying pan, took the bacon out and cooked 3 XL eggs in the bacon grease left in the pan. I added about a cup of spinach to the eggs.

In fit day, I dont think I want to use the cooked bacon entry, because I would think that would take into account the loss of fat in cooked bacon whereas I kept almost all of the fat either on the bacon or in the eggs. To get around this I weighed one of the uncooked strips and came up w/ 35 grams. So I entered 105 grams of raw bacon in fit day.

For eggs, I just said 3 raw eggs since that is the closest entry I could find. Does raw vs cooked matter?

The spinach was easy.

The total calculations came out to:

737 total calories

583 from fat

142 from protein

12 from carbs

Does this sound about right?