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Thread: HELP!! I need a meal plan and need to get better fast!

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    HELP!! I need a meal plan and need to get better fast!

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    Hi People,

    I am new here and I have been sick for a while now.
    I think this is the place where people can help me, atleast I hope.
    I am deficient in B12 and Vitamin D and also I have gum disease and I really want to turn this all around because it is ruining my life atm. I have low energy and I am stressed about the fact that I feel like this all the time.
    Could someone help me with a meal plan thats Paleo and contains all nutrients.
    Also, I am worried about vitamin C on this diet, how do u get this?

    I am desperate so your help is sooo much appreciated!

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    I think most of us take vitamins.

    Get the book! Seriously. It helps tremendously.

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