Hi folks

I'm a month into my Paleo/Primal journey and I am loving it. A coworker pointed this site (and Robb) out to me at lunch and I immediately went Primal (somehow I felt this was my style - I've never gone on any diet schemes and didn't consider this one). If only I had known just how powerful this is I would have taken before photo and gotten proper blood work at the start.

Tomorrow I get my blood work results (after 4 weeks of Primal) - rather exciting to see what the results are. My cardiologist seemed impressed with my progress and signed off on much larger blood work than normally done.

I'm 40 and 5.10 and rather strongly built (slim and fit at about 195 pounds). Late 2010 I had extreme blood pressure episode and have been on drugs since - which I announced to the doctor immediately I would get off in 1-2 years (that rarely happens here, it's usually "for life"). He ordered me to stay away from the gym which excluded my normal "Chronic Cardio" and strength program as the solution.

I had gone up to 259 pounds on 21 Sep 2011.

4 weeks in I had lost 26 pounds which is amazing!

My girlfriend is rather impressed but feels I am not working too hard for this (endless beef, bernaise, bacon, eggs, occasional red wine does not feel like dieting to her ) but I did cut out huge aspects of my diet (love pasta and bread - was never into super sugary foods though).

But the funny thing is that, being raised in the 70's in northern Iceland my family's diet was not that far from Primal. Lots of fish and fish oil (haddock and trout, plus endless dried fish (84% protein) with butter), free-range lamb meat and little corn and processed foods (too much potatoes though). We poured animal lard over our boiled fish as sauce! Then we got more and more corn and crap, plus lots more bread (wheat belly anyone?).

I'm loving this - does not feel like a sacrifice at all Not just the food but the lifestyle, I'm sleeping more and trying to play more as well - useful with my 2 year old son

Sorry for the lengthy rant.