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    Thanks SmallOne! I know all about the bundling up, and there is no need for YakTrax for me. I won't be running outside in those conditions. I HATE the cold, and I mean HATE. I think I will be sticking with the treadmill most of the time with a weekly longer run as weather permits (as in, not a specific long run day but at least once every 5-10 days based on wx conditions) for my half training. I can't wait to not live in NJ and move to somewhere warmer.

    Nikes won't work for me; they tend to be relatively narrow and my foot is oddly shaped. Thick on top, slightly wide in the toe box. But I thank you for the suggestion.
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    While not specifically shoe related, something struck me in ASmallOne's post since I regularly bike to work in the dark on a trail shared with runners. Please for the love of god,, WEAR REFLECTIVE CLOTHING!! Headlights offer you some protection from getting front ended. However, since runners are the slowest traffic out there, they are much more likely to get hit from behind. Even with a super bright headlight on my bike I frequently come upon stealth ninja runners that think it cool to wear black, brown and gray at 6 am. So, please if you go running when it is dark wear something reflective, especially on your back side or even get a light for your back too.

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    JeffC great point! For anyone who runs long before the sun comes up... being a ninja might be cool otherwise but being a ninja runner is not. Make sure that you can see the road (or a bunch of annoying chestnuts/sweetgums littering the sidewalk) and that those on it can see you. There's some not too annoying velcro retro-reflective bands you can get at bike stores that are pretty great and cheap, too. And putting retroreflect on your backside is important!

    PrimalBaker, NJ sounds extra cold, I've heard the weather there is more extreme than here. We may move to the upper tip of long island next year and I'm kind of dreading it already just because of weather! Out here in the PNW we get cold... but never really below 30, and there's no wind in the valley. The tread/dread-mill might be the way to go.

    Only other suggestion I can think of is that for shoes maybe see if you have a "Fleet Feet Sports" or "Road runner sports" around you-- they are always really helpful in knowing what shapes different shoes have-- our road runner sports has a lot of selection with minimalist shoes, too.

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