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    olive oil shots?

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    Ok, so now that I have gotten your attention, I really want to up my fat intake, but want to do it as easy as possible and am curious if any of you guys just down olive oil and if there is such a thing as too much? For every meal now, I take 2tbs of olive oil (28g fat) because I feel like I'm not fully enough after a meal and get the munchies at night. Is this a good way to safely increase my satiety and fat intake?

    olive oil by itself is kinda nasty, but I heard it is great for digestion as it loobs (spelling?) the intestines. Any opinions is greatly appreciated. I throw the stuff all over my salad, in my dinner dishes, etc but still feel I'm not getting enough fat.

    ps - and if you know of any way to get more fat into smoothies (I already throw flax seed in there) that would be appreciated. I tried full fat coconut milk but it gave it an overpowering coconut taste with my fruit.

    thanks guys!

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    the word is "lubes" and if you haven't tried coconut oil that's another good option, and tastes better than olive oil.

    I won't ask why you're upping your fat intake, but will advise that if you're eating starches (potatoes, etc) it may not be the best idea.

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    ^ This. Also, to get more fat in smoothies you could add nut butters or coconut oil. Make some butter balls or coconut's pretty easy to get plenty of fat!
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    Here's a question. If you don't feel full after meals, how about eating some more food?

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    Holy crap, my first thought was "Someone actually INJECTS olive oil???"

    Okay, now that I'm thinking back to my 20s and those kinds of shots...

    I agree with the others. If you don't have a problem with coconut oil, I'd go with that instead. But maybe you just aren't eating enough, so look at that too. Or try eating a bit slower so your stomach can catch up with your brain and tell you it's enough.
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    Agreed. Coconut oil is yummy in smoothies... and higher in fat w/ a less intense coconut taste than coconut milk.

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    Simple: eat prime beef.

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    Are you trying to increase the amount of fat that you're eating because you don't feel satiated? If that's the case, I would follow tplank's advice and eat more fatty meats AND eat a bigger dinner. I love cooking with olive oil, but shooting it sounds revolting to me.

    Is the shooting psychological? If you shoot something oily, does it make you feel more powerful against cravings? I'm not poking fun, but it's a good question to ask yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    Here's a question. If you don't feel full after meals, how about eating some more food?
    As usual, Paleobird is the voice of wisdom (Grok on 'bird!). Eat more food if you are hungry, don't down oil. Eating meat and veggies makes you full and happy, not mechanically-extracted medium-chain triglycerides or isolated monounsaturated fatty acids.

    Plus you're better off increasing protein than fat if you want to stay fuller longer. And protein has a higher thermic effect than fat. And it helps stop you from suffering muscle catabolism. And, it's a key ingredient in steak. Which makes it as full of win as a macronutrient can be.
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    My favourite fat-snack is hazelnut butter. 5g protein, 5g carbs, 19g fat - 190 calories for 30g serving. It's like peanut butter only fancier.

    Or avacados. 25g of fat, and some fibre.
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