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Thread: D-3 Summer v Winter Dosage page

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    D-3 Summer v Winter Dosage

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    Hard to believe I was roasting in the sun and swimming in Maine just 2 weeks ago with snow in the forecast for Thu night. So as the clocks change here in the northern hemisphere and the daylight dwindles what do folks that supplement vitamin D do as far as dosage? Amt. +/-/=?
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    Same dose all year for me. 5000iu. I'm in NE Ohio. There are other things that can affect D levels so I stay on the same amount all year.

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    I do the same as pyro - 5000iu/day regardless of being out in the sun or not.
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    I was taking 10,000IU last year but I needed that I know my VitD3 25-hydroxy came back at 117ng/ml I'm back to takign 5000 IU daily... i tried every other day and Didn't feel well... I'll retest in Jan to see where I'm at then...and re-adjust!
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    My naturopath has me on 4,000 IUs and will test my levels by late winter.

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    i double it in the winter

    whatever it is, you double it, do not worry about this

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    i do 15,000 iu in the winter...and 10,000 in the summer months depending on how much sun i get. you'd have to be throwing back a handful of supplements to overdose, so don't be afraid to go for a big number if it keeps you healthy and feeling good.

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    I do 10,000 IU Daily all year. But I work indoors & I don't get much direct sunshine. However when I feel a chest cold starting, I immediately double to 20,000 IU until it passes. Ditto for a sore throat, or any other illness.

    You can get very inexpensive Vitamin D3 testing either at home $65 or at a nearby lab $50. Details below the line.

    The main factor is how much direct sunshine do you get ( NO Sunscreen ) in the summer. If you get enough, you don't need any D3 supplements.


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    I don't take any in July and August when I get plenty of sun.....6000iu the rest of the year.
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