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Thread: Can Grok eat wheat sprouts?

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    i guess i never liked anyone enough to hit them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hockeyfan7 View Post

    I just told my 4 year old son the other day that the little girl in his preschool class that keeps hitting him is doing it because she likes him. Me thinks Darth is just like that little girl towards you. He protests way too much not to have a terrible crush on you.
    I'm not protesting anything.

    But if paleobeard's tranny cock is what you're after why not just come out and say it you cocksucker, or are you more into small children? Which is it?

    Have I ever evidenced giving a fuck what people around here think?

    All I'm saying is that if it chews regurgitated wheatgrass that it belched up from one of it's four stomachs and keeps on mooing, than it's probably a cow. Or a transvestite.

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