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Thread: Heavy cream going to go bad soon :(

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    Heavy cream going to go bad soon :(

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    I saw a quart of this at my local grocery store for $1 (normally $6)
    40% Heavy Whipping Cream | Hiland Dairy
    Yeah, not quite the best stuff, but the price seemed right.
    It goes bad in 2 days, according to the label, though. Should i make something with it, or should it still be good for awhile, or will it turn into sour cream?

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    pretty sure you can freeze it, maybe do it in an ice cube tray so you can use it a tablespoon at a time. You also usually have at least a week from the 'sell by date' for dairy.

    p.s. you could always try to contact the company and see what they say.
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    Heavier fat dairy tends to last longer. Just keep it well refrigerated and it should last another few weeks. Unfortunately it won't spontaneously ferment into anything good But you could always grab some cultures and actually make sour cream with it if you're, for some reason, desperate to save it or just really fascinated by fermented milk products like I am.
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    whip it up and add a few blueberries! (then you can put what you do not eat in the freezer).

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    If you make kefir, you can stir some of the whey into the cream and it will keep a good week as sour cream. Which is delicious in sauces and soups...

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