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Thread: Leaving the land o' the lurkers

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    Leaving the land o' the lurkers

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    Hi, I've been lurking here, and researching Primal and Paleo for a few months. I work in the medical field and on a whim a few months ago tested my blood sugar while speaking with a patient about monitoring their blood glucose levels. I was surprised to see that I was at 115 5 hours after my last meal, which is getting pretty high for someone never diagnosed with diabetes. I knew I was getting pretty porky and was spending more time in my desk chair then anywhere else. I got a promotion 2 years ago, and as it turns out 2 years plus 80 lbs = pre diabetes.

    Knowing that a LC diet can reverse pre-diabetes and even type 2 DM, I started doing my research. I didn't want to just go chicken breast and broccoli...that's not sustainable. I need to change my whole lifestyle. I don't have time to count carbs, and exercise for an hour a day like my Dr. suggested. What I do have time for is a few extra minutes of prepping and cooking in my daily meal times and about 3 to 4 hours a week of doing something fun and active with my 10 year old son.

    I have not 100% committed to the Primal lifestyle yet. Not because I don't believe it will turn this sinking ship around, but because right now I am out in the middle of the ocean on a tiny Aleutian Island with little access to the kinds of protein I'll require, and even less access to fresh veg. I was at the grocery the other day and the brown head of lettuce, one of three in the store, was brown, slimey, and priced at $10.00. I have 10 more days here and the I fly to a relatively more populated area of the region with much more food choices and lower prices. One good thing I'm taking home with me though is free range organic reindeer meat.

    At any rate, I have decided to take leave of lurker-ville and join the conversations here. My starting stats are: F; age 32; 5'3"; 242lbs; FBS weekly average of 113. 2 years ago I was 160lbs and not happy with that, now I'd be happy to be anywhere near that. I used to do cardio 4 nights a week for 90 minutes and never once enjoyed myself. Hopefully I can be my old self sans the die hard workouts.
    PS just downloaded Mark's 21 day Transformation and can't wait to implement in t-10 days.

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    Hi and welcome! Reindeer? where in the world are you? I miss reindeer-meat. Used to have it all the time while I was still in Norway.

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    New Zealand
    Welcome aboard

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    Thank you for the welcome. Right now I'm on Atka Island, soon to migrate back to my home Island of Unalaska/Dutch Harbor. There is a herd of reindeer here on this island, some cows on another island. I hear the cow is pretty fishy tasting because they eat seaweed all winter. But the Reindeer is divine, tundra fed

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