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Thread: Primal Journal (Misabi)

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    Primal Journal (Misabi)

    Just a quick intro as the links below have all the gruesome details.
    Basically, I've been paleo off and on for a few years, finally finding the PB around July 2010 and never looking back

    Before and after pics thread
    Obligatory introduce yourself thread

    Why am I starting a journal after being primal for so long, you ask?
    Because, for me, PB works too well!
    Because I haven't had to go back to wearing my baggy pants, I haven't had the motivation to get my arse back in the gym and I'm inherently lazy

    With my diet & sleep dialled in and improved management of stress levels all minimising any inflammation, my body composition has been easy to maintain over the past year with little exercise. I walk to and from work, around 30 to 45 mins / day, and have occasionally done some impromptu bodyweight workouts (some months a couple of times a week, other months only a couple of days, other months nothing).

    This journal is as a result of the many inspirational stories on the before and after thread, of people who have a much harder time losing weight or maintaining their body comp at their desired levels, and is my commitment to aiming for the 100% primal lifestyle rather than just concentrating on eating primally.

    It's also a challenge to myself to see what changes I can make to my physique in the coming months by introducing a couple of weight lifting sessions and a sprint session per week.

    Grok on
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