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Thread: If something gives you indigestion should you avoid it? Even fish oil?

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    If something gives you indigestion should you avoid it? Even fish oil?

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    I'm taking the nicest, freshest, expensivist fish oil by the spoonful from Carlson's brand. And still I am getting the burps and queasy tummy from it. Before, during or after a meal doesn't matter. Last night I had severe burps (not too unpleasant, slightly lemony burps - i have lemon flavoured carlsons) for 6 hours after taking a spoonful at dinner. Tummy did not feel good.
    That was a little worse than usual, but it almost always happens. So should I avoid it, or put up with it??

    I do have a bit of a picky tummy. I've noticed that a lot of the overeating I did before I found this way of eating was because of an upset tummy feeling that I identified as "hunger". I would eat supper, and then be eating again an hour later because my tummy felt "hungry". I've since learned that it is an upset tummy, and I'm learning to identify foods that don't agree with me. Trying to listen to my body.

    Since I found bone broth soups with chicken and veggies agrees with me very much, I eat it every day for lunch, and I've dropped 10 difficult plateau pounds. I'm loving the bone broth soup!!

    But I'm not sure whether I should listen to my body in the case of the fish oil.

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    Yes, listen to your body. Try eating some oily fish instead like salmon, sardines, mackerel.

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    Have you tried enteric coated fish oil capsules? They dissolve in your intestines, not in your stomach.

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    Or take a little bit and see if it is the same result. If not, take a little more every couple weeks until you get to your desired dose.
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    Sounds like a digestive issue. Definitely keep up with the bone broths-those are healing. I'd also recommend digestive enzymes and probiotics/fermented foods. In the meantime, just have some oily fish as paleobird suggested.
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    Oily fish are the preferred way to get your n-3s anyway -- even the best fish oil is more prone to rancidity than the fish itself.

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    Thanks for the advice everyone!

    I notice I get fish burps every time I eat fish too! Maybe I should just avoid fish & fish oil altogether?? How can I get the omega 3's I need without them.

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    I dislike the fish oil caps for the same reason. Nasty burps. Not worth the hassle.

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    You could possibly be allergic to farmed fish. I am - it's got something to do with the muck the fish are raised in. I tried fish oil caps and got the same reaction as I do to consuming farmed fish. Very upset stomach.
    I take flax seed caps now.

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