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Thread: what is a soft boiled egg?

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    Question what is a soft boiled egg?

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    i thought it was an egg cracked fresh and dumped into a pot of water with vinegar, and then you bring it to a boil.

    in this method you do not get a hard egg, but a solid jelly-like egg that is delicious.

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    What you're talking about is a poached egg. yum! not sure how to soft boil an egg, but i think it's still in the shell

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    Yep -- that's a poached egg, which has basically the same consistency as a soft-boiled egg. To soft boil an egg, just boil-- or better, simmer it as you would a hard-boiled egg, in the shell, for about 4 minutes. Be careful cracking the shell -- I often burn my fingers a bit. Or you can use an egg cup and there are even slicers for taking the "cap" off the shell, and then you eat it from the top down with a small spoon.
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    It's a hard boiled egg with liquid yolk. Pretty hard to get right in my experience, but always what I try to aim for.

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    ah, interesting

    so a soft boil is a shortened hard boil?

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    for this i love my egg-cooker, it makes just the perfect soft boiled eggs ever... hmmmm....

    and thats how it looks like:

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    Put the egg in a pot of water, bring to a boil and simmer for +/- 3 minutes. Crack the top off and eat with a spoon. Yum.
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    i cannot wait to soft boil an egg, you guys really got me up for it

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    It can be done w/ the water already simmering, a "dropped egg."
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    you want yum?? try coddled eggs!

    I use a jelly jar with the canning lid.

    Grease/butter/spray jar, drop 2 eggs in jar with butter
    place lid on but make sure you do not tighten super tight
    place jar in boiling water for 5 minutes-make sure water covers lid (careful taking it out- its hotter than hell)

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