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    raw goats' milk

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    anyone have an opinion on raw goats milk? i cut out dairy for a few years and have added back raw goats milk- mainly in the form of kefir and raw ice cream. i can't tell if i feel better or worse on it but i am mainly concerned about how healthy it really is for me. i keep reading and keep getting more confused. any sage words?

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    yea, go for it. do not waste time in doubt, it splits your focus.

    you are a goat milk drinker and that's it, this is a part of your identity. wear it like you mean it

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    I drank goat milk for awhile. It was definitely easier to digest. Then I realized I don't need it and it's really expensive.

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    Raw goat milk is great. Have been drinking it for years. You can make yogurt and kefir from it too.
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    I have dairy goats, and I am an advocate of raw goat milk and homemade goat cheese. We love it, use it, and have people with health issues request it from us.

    Conventional wisdom says bad things about raw milk. If your source of goat milk has clean goats, milks cleanly, and tests to document goat health, I wouldn't worry about drinking it raw.

    The crap they sell at the store.... Meyenberg.... tastes nasty. Fresh goat milk just tastes like milk.

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    I got in contact with a raw goat milk provider and the stuff is really great. It tastes good and has a broad range of applications.

    My only problem at the moment is that it comes in gallons; I live alone; and I will be sporadically out of town for the next month.

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    Goat's milk is usually the best tolerated between cow's milk and goat's milk. If you don't notice any adverse reactions I wouldn't worry about consuming it once in a while, especially when fermented like the kefir you mentioned. In this form it is highly nutritious. When the milk has been fermented properly, most of the lactose and even some of the milk protein casein, is more digestible, which are the part's of the milk that seems to be the most problematic for people.

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    I buy that Meyenberg brand goat milk from the store sometimes. It's not raw, but it's only pasteurized and not homogenized. I love the taste compared to regular milk.

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    I'm going to a local farm to buy a couple gallons of raw goat milk today. In everyone's experience, how long does it keep in a refrigerator? Week? More? And have you had any negative effects to the milk from freezing it. Apparently they have fresh and frozen. I'm going to keep a fresh in the frig, and a couple frozens in the freezer. It's $10 a gallon. Seems to be the going rate here in south MS.

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    I've never had goat milk longer than a week but the taste is pretty consistent throughout the week. Sometimes it tastes more 'animaly', sometimes it doesn't. My sister had some raw cow milk for about a week and a half when it started to get cheesy tasting but it hadn't started curdling.

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