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Thread: Ug! Icky feeling belly

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    Ug! Icky feeling belly

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    Went to lunch with my mother today, to Olive Garden. I've been doing so great for 6 weeks on Primal, 3 months on clean eating. I had two breadsticks, half a piece of cake, half small bowl of soup, salad, and not even a quarter of their nasty my belly feels like the squirts are on the way it's bloated feeling.

    I had at least 150 carbs today...I guess I'll call it a refeed or whatever!

    I shouldn't have let my mother talk me into it, but she has been poking fun of me for the way I eat, this is a woman who buys FIFTY pounds of sugar a year!!

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    your first mistake was going to olive garden

    your second mistake is maintaining such a weak constitution. you must not dwell on mistakes but move forward aggressively. this is how winners do. are you a winner or something else?

    i support you 150%

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    When you aren't used to eating something your belly isn't going to feel too great after it. I had a similar feeling after I went to a chinese buffet a couple days ago. I think that had more to do with the amount I ate than the actual food though.

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    I only ate at an Olive Garden once and that was once too many. I had the all you can eat soup and salad but everything there was just so massively salty I could hardly eat half a bowl of each. And I usually like salty food. This was just over the top. I wouldn't be surprised if they use MSG in their seasonings which might be contributing to your yuckiness.

    Feel better soon. Lesson learned.

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    If you do get the runs, make sure you get plenty of probiotics and/or live fermented foods to restore your flora. They're your main line of defense against invasive nasties! Everyone should be getting probiotics anyway, but it's especially important during/after sickness.
    Today I will: Eat food, not poison. Plan for success, not settle for failure. Live my real life, not a virtual one. Move and grow, not sit and die.

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    I had about a week of eating let's say moderate carb followed by a weekend of SAD/high card. Over the course of the week/weekend (mainly the weekend) and the following week, my weight varied by over 8 lbs. Bloated is right. Water rushing in, water rushing out. (thankfully mine all came out the front.)

    You'll get over it. Good luck! Learn something and move on.
    Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....

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    I know when I was looking up nutrition info, the sodium was astronomical! Cindy

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    too much salt is never good
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    No-good, especially for a scale addict! And yes I know that's bad too.

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    Just bounce back Primal. That's all you can do...Grok On!

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