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Thread: Open Letter to Lindsay Lohan

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    Open Letter to Lindsay Lohan

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    Dear Ms Lindsay Lohan:

    You need to go primal so that you can feel good and strong, ditch the drugs, and find meaning in the world again. I am sure that your drug abuse and legal problems stem from a grain-based diet and the resulting inflammation of your brain, your joints, all that stuff.

    Best regards,
    Dado and Posse

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    I think it's the meth. Jus' sayin.'

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    Oh it's meth? That's messed up, I thought it was only cocaine.

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    I really doubt it's because of her diet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by They call me BUTTLOCK View Post
    I really doubt it's because of her diet.
    Yeah, I think she needs to be dragged off to a deserted island with a good therapist. For a long time. Fucked up childhood, fucked up family that sees her as a meal ticket, probably mental illness and being surrounded by people who will do whatever you want and ply you with drugs for a free ride. It's gonna take a hell of a lot more than diet. My bet is she'll be dead within a year or two.

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    That girl used to be good lookin' in an Ann Margaret sort of way, now she just looks all used up!
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    The excitotoxins in the grains just weren't doing it anymore.

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    If Ms. Lohan doesn't wise up, she's on course for membership in the 27 club. Sort of sad in an Amy Winehouse kinda way.

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    I feel so bad for that girl, it just seems like she's on the fast downward cycle to death. I'm pretty sure she's doing meth, from what I understand (from Intervention haha) it rots/yellows your front teeth
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    The teeth. A friend is well on her way to the grave from the meth (among other things) and split a tooth on toast. If I hadn't seen it I might not have believed it.

    Why do people want fame anyway? This poor girl is surrounded by people that want a piece of her, right down to her parents. So very sad. If the prisons weren't drug infested as well a 2 year bit in the slammer might do her a world of good.
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