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Thread: ridiculous amounts of enzyme/hydrochloride pills-no effect

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephanie View Post
    Who is Dr K?
    Dr Jack Kruse. Eating a protein rich breakfast is one of the central features of his Leptin Reset protocol. Kruse gets into what are, IMO, silly little details like a certain number of grams at a certain time etc. but still I think the general idea of starting off the day protein/fat rich and saving any carb ingestion for later in the day does help to curb snacking urges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by primalTatoolover View Post
    eggs have been out of my diet for a very long time..i only reintroduced them last week so i dont think theyre an issue..i hope. if god doesnt let me at least have eggs i give up on gaining weight lol
    I have similar issue I feel like I do not digest things well. 'Get bloated, infrequent bathroom visits.

    I do not get stomach aches, just feel not as energetic, ad I have taken over 10 hcl pills with no warmin at all in the stomach.

    I even started doing green smoothies, thinking to eat stuff thats easily digestible, which helps with more frequently bowel movements. So thats good, but would like to get my energy back, and I am just thinking that my digestion is not the best.

    Any help would be appreciated. Since you were taking 8 pills without any effect, was wondering what the end result was.


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