First of all, I'm not a smoker. my partner is, his friends are too, so was his dad and brother and uncles etc. So it usually bothers me that I see ads on TV saying all these people I know will get heart disease etc.

Today I came accross the Kitava study, Kitavans live both agricultural and hunter-gatherer lifestyles. I read the article with interest as the Kitavans eat quite a high carb diet (69% carbs). However I read with greater interest that over 75% of Kitavans smoke cigarettes! Yet appeared to not produce cancer/heart disease in this population, who survive on traditional foods.

"Kitavans eat a diet of root vegetables, coconut, fruit, vegetables and fish and have undetectable levels of cardiovascular disease (CVD), stroke and overweight. Despite smoking like chimneys. "

Also Kitavan smokers had a lower HDL than nonsmokers, yet still did not develop CVD.

Can read the article on it here
Nutrition and Physical Regeneration Slaying The Low Carb Dragon – Wisdom from the Pacific Islands
taken from
Whole Health Source: The Kitavans: Wisdom from the Pacific Islands

Do you think because they DONT eat processed grains, wheat, refined sugar, processed vegetable oils and other modern foods- that is the reason why they can get away with smoking?
Could all the CW about the evils of cigerettes be therefore flawed or exagerated?
Is it true all smokers get heart disease?
Interested to hear from any smokers here?

Since I can't convince my partner to quit, maybe going primal will save him from heart disease...