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Thread: Using Lard in Baking

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    Using Lard in Baking

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    Okay, so I've been cooking with lard for some time now, and I've heard that originally oreo creme filling was made with lard, not the vegetable shortening crap they use now. So my question is

    Has anyone used lard in place of butter/shortening in baking, and does it give the goodies a porky flavor? I am mostly referring to icing as in oreo creme or cakes. I've tasted bread with lard and it does not taste porky, but I'm wondering if the lard portion of the pastry is not baked, will it taste porky?

    The lard I get is sort of a light tan in color and has a porky smell when heating it. Have never tasted it plain though, maybe this would be the first step...

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    Leaf lard is commonly known among bakers to be the BEST fat to use!! It makes the best baked goods (especially when used in pastry). Leaf lard is a bit different than normal lard, only in that it comes from the fat around the organs (visceral fat) instead of the fat you get on, say, a cut of pork belly.

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