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    I've started messing around with various baking recipes using almond meal. I've been "cheap" and testing half or third batches, and the AM readily available to me is a little more on the expensive side.

    One thing I've noticed is that it dries out rather quickly, and can leave me with this dry, almost chalky texture.

    I'm wondering if anyone has some good tips for keeping AM baked goods moist.

    Additionally, as a further test, I bought some (much less expensive) Bob's Red Mill GF All Purpose Baking Flour if not to substitute but mix with AM. However, looking at the source, I'm thinking it's actually a lot further from PB than i first thought (made from garbanzo flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, sorghum flour, and fava flour).

    Any thoughts on this from experience Primal bakers?

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    Are you using Bob's almond meal also?

    See for possible answer:

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    Yes, it is Bob's Red Mill almond meal.

    One tip I've found so far is to add/replace oils (or in the case of this latest recipe, butter) with applesauce.

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    Ok, that GF all-purpose is not even a LITTLE primal.

    Sorghum is a grain

    Fava and garbanzos are both legumes, and you are basically eating unsoaked, ground up beans. This isn't a good idea for *anybody*.

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    Almonds are about 18% PUFA, better off not eating almond flour at all. I used to experiment with almond flour baking but I determined after much reading that a few almonds occasionally are good, a lot of almonds - not good. Almond flour = a lot of almonds.

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    Ditto PMAC. I prefer coconut flour if I'm baking, because of the much lower omega-6 content. But once in a while I use recipes that call for nut butter (usually almond or cashew) instead of nut flour, and the results come out plenty moist.

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    Depending on what you're baking, try using lard instead of butter. Lard, due to its higher smoke point and fat content (being 100% fat as opposed to butter which is about 20% water) keeps thing more moist while in the oven.

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