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    Too much energy, which is a horrid problem because:

    I'm running out of fun things to do, so scrubbed the grout between floor tiles today.

    My books and magazines are piling up into dusty stacks because I'm rarely so tired that the only thing I can do is read.

    My cat gets frightened of my ridiculous dancing to pop songs while cooking dinner.

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    My grubby jeans are falling off and I have no desire to buy more pants meant to only get dirty.
    "No fate but what we make"- Sarah Connor, Terminator 2
    Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, steak in one hand, chocolate in the other, yelling "Holy F***, What a Ride!"
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    Didn't wear a belt with my "house shorts"....they almost fell down while I was taking the garbage out, so had to carry the garbage bag in one hand and keep my shorts up with the other.

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    I've got one that's actually quite annoying!

    Going Primal/Paleo has pretty much cured my pilarus kiratosis, the chicken skin on my upper arms. However, it hasn't done a thing for my hirsutism. So now I've got furry upper arms in addition to furry lower arms. I guess it's better than a bumpy, ugly rash...

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    Being able to fall asleep (and stay asleep) at night is great and all, but there are things I miss about being able to stay out late without being super tired. If anyone throws a party at night I'll just not go, because I'll be half asleep an hour into it.
    Stumbled into Primal due to food allergies, and subsequent elimination of non-primal foods.

    Start Gluten-Free/Soy-Free: December 2012; start weight 158lbs, Ladies size 6
    Start Primal: March 2013, start weight 150lbs, Ladies size 6
    Current: 132lbs, Ladies size 2

    26lbs lost since cutting the crap.

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