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    I had to go jeans shopping as mine are too big now. Holla.
    I have a nice small waist (go primal!) and quite a booty (squatting and deadlifts) and well, epic thighs (genes.... they are seriously ridiculous). I'm also short waisted. Buying pants is clearly a bitch being built like this.

    So I go to the nice department store. The clerk helps me and all of them make my ass look smooshed, gap at the waist and cling at the thighs. I mention the ass smooshing and she comments that "Oh, they are streamlining your bottom!". No.... they are smooshing my ass and making me look like I wear mom jeans. She was dead set on streamlining my ass, bless. Because you know, no woman of 39 would ever want to draw attention to their ass.

    Ended up with jeans from the juniors department. Thank god we still have young ladies that enjoy showing off booties.

    Shopping was easier when the goal was to hide a lumpy ass body.
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    I know I'm not the first to say it, but ... most of the clothes in my closet are getting too loose-fitting to look good on me anymore.

    (it actually is kind of a legitimate complaint because I can't afford new clothes right now--hoping to get a gift card to some clothing store for my birthday)

    On the plus-side, my grandmother-in-law got me a top for my birthday that is 1X and it fits perfectly--I used to be a 2X easily. So at least I think I know what my new size is =P
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    I'm actually starting to make and customize my own clothes. Being an almost perfect hourglass, there are SOME conventional cuts of clothes that fit me, and I prefer men's jeans to women's, but it's rare that I find a nice shirt or dress that fits me well, is long enough (in the case of the dress) and in a pretty colour/pattern, so I'll make my own.
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    My wardrobe ranges from size 8 to 24W. Recently discovered that I completely skipped over 2 sizes of pants that were really cute dammit!

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