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    I really miss stress-induced eating binges, formerly a nearly daily ritual -- and I so miss the satiated feeling that a huge S.A.D. meal brings after being hypoglycemic and starving just a few hours following the previous S.A.D. meal!

    It totally sucks that I have to throw away all of those meds I use to take for the G. I. Problems I used to have -- what a waste of money!

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    Walking across a carpark holding my 2 yr old daughter, and I had to put her down because my pants fell off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meilbill View Post
    My wardrobe ranges from size 8 to 24W!
    Same, but from the male side of things trying to keep my diet almost 100% paleo before a clothes shopping splurge this summer (going back to the UK to see family, harder to get what I want in India). I get the feeling that if I go through my wardrobe it would suddenly become very....very.... empty.... (I only seem to wear four different t-shirts these last couple of months)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badgerfaced View Post
    Walking across a carpark holding my 2 yr old daughter, and I had to put her down because my pants fell off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meilbill View Post
    My wardrobe ranges from size 8 to 24W. Recently discovered that I completely skipped over 2 sizes of pants that were really cute dammit!
    I was wondering how many people here get rid of clothing that doesn't fit any longer. I personally love to do that once I'm buying smaller sizes. Unfortunately for my wallet I have done that in the past and regained the weight... hence need to buy more "fat" clothes again. Therefore... I mostly shop at second hand stores. Not sure what I'm going to do with the bigger clothes this FINAL time of getting healthy and into anything not a 16/18 hopefully!
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    I'm losing good sitting-around-time due to walking/jogging/sprinting 2, 3, or 4 miles a day.

    My arms and legs look like they've been attacked by mean kittens because of the vines I have the energy to yank off the shrubbery even in 90F weather.

    I horrify everyone with the weird stuff I consume such as fermented cod liver oil, konnyaku, and frozen green bananas.

    My hubby is worried I'll hurt myself with all this walking/jogging/sprinting, yard work, and eating of weird foods.

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    LOL on the weird foods. My fiancee is slowly going from horrified to fascinated to willing to join in the fun as far as weird foods go. She actually suggested that we buy some chicken livers last time we went grocery shopping (and she's someone who used to NEVER eat liver).

    I am going to see what happens when I suggest chicken feet.

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    My frustration is that I'm now having nightmares about SAD food - I dreamt that someone had put a block of butter and a block of margarine side by side so that they ended up fusing together and you couldn't tell which half was butter and which was margarine. D:
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    There are just so many frustrations.

    I can no longer use lack of clothing options for not dressing in stylish clothes. I now have to shop for cute clothes I like.

    My thighs and but no longer make a water tight seal in the bath tub. If I drain the water while sitting, I can't stand up and release a flood of water.

    I can no longer pass time counting the veins under my skin. My porcelain, haven't seen the sun in years, skin is no longer translucent. It has a healthy bronze glow.

    Most annoying is setting the alarm and start of the day for 7 am. Waking up and freaking out that my alarm didn't go off, only to discover its 6 am. Now what am I going to do with that extra hour?

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    Just started, but already:
    1. Waking up before my alarm goes off
    2. Wanting to take the dogs on a long walk after working out.
    3. Feeling weird about losing weight while enjoying a totally satisfying meal that keeps me full all day. I miss dinner - it's turned into healthy snack time because I don't feel like heavy dinners anymore. lol

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