I've been laughing about some of these "backhanded complaints" about primal with a friend of mine who is also primal. They're kind of in a similar vein to #WhiteWhines or #FirstWorldProblems, if anyone is familiar with those memes. Anyway, I thought Id share, and hopefully hear some other good ones as well!

1) Before I went primal 5 months ago, I bought a pair of capri exercise pants from Costco that I really liked. I got them home to try them on, and found they were too small. The next day I went all the way back to the store to exchange them for a larger size. Now, this larger size is *falling off of me* and they dont carry the pants anymore so I cant get a smaller one! Balls!

2) Im having trouble making room for all my grass-fed meats (from a local meat CSA) in my freezer.

3) I have so much energy at work that im always having to get up and walk around outside.