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    Quote Originally Posted by EagleRiverDee View Post
    I've noticed that none of my rings fit anymore- they all fall off my hands. I don't understand that at all- I'm still a good 40 lbs heavier than when I bought many of them and yet it's like my hands are losing weight at a more rapid rate than the rest of me. Or maybe I'm holding less fluids. It doesn't help that it's cold out and that naturally causes my hands to shrink.
    Same thing happened with my rings. Shoes got too big too. You never think you are going to lose weight on your hands and feet, but you do.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kochin View Post
    The call of nature.
    I used to be able to just "go" once every couple of days. Now once or twice a day is normal, and I'm finding toilet-breaks a bit inconvenient.
    Really? The exact opposite has happened with me. Perhaps you are overdoing the BASs and fibrous veggies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildrose View Post
    I keep losing inches off my boobs.

    Why god, why?!?
    Really? In my case it's Please, God, please! *g*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    Really? The exact opposite has happened with me. Perhaps you are overdoing the BASs and fibrous veggies.
    Not fiber (my veg intake is hugely variable), just quantity and that bit of "leftover" fat my body doesn't want, which greases up the piping. (I'd rather go over than under where fat is concerned.) No more bloating, aches or gas either, so it must be a step in the right direction for my gut, anyhow. Just annoying sometimes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OzK View Post
    Really? In my case it's Please, God, please! *g*
    Same here.

    I know there's probably lots of women who paid major $$$ to make the same size change I have. However, I just liked the way I looked better before, even in that department!

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    My wife.
    Today, my coworker has some crockpot cilantro lime chicken fajitas that could easily be primal, lettuce wraps instead of the regular shell. I messaged my wife:
    Holy. Moly.
    <coworker> has some cilantro lime chicken fajitas and they smell amazing. He made them in the crock pot.
    WE HAVE TO MAKE THOSE. Crimeny, I’m about to attack him and steal his food like a dingo.

    Her reply:
    You know, there is a limit to the Primal lifestyle… just saying. Think of the HR discussion

    She ruins all my fun & we are making them next taco night.

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    I keep under- or over-estimating how much meat I need to defrost. Since nearly all my meat now comes frozen from local farms, this is a relatively crucial step to feeding myself.

    Also, no matter how many dozens of eggs I buy (and usually that's "however many they have"), I always run out of those and end up eating the least-evil of eggs for sale at the grocery store before it's time for another farm trip/delivery.

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    Thinking about trying to shrink my shoes. All of my sandals are sliding around on my feet. Has anyone successfully shrunk their shoes?
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    Gotten myself down to fitting in a 34" waist jeans, but, my thighs/quads too large to fit comfortably in the legs.

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    Ate some homemade chocolate-chip-oatmeal cookies with flour for the first time in MONTHS, since Christmas, and THEY WEREN'T VERY GOOD. I am totally unsatisfied. They were too sweet, too heartburny, and I can't believe I was ever so obsessed with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megatron View Post
    I design for a fashion company, and I hear sizing complaints all the time, and have certainly uttered a few in my life. It is sad but retail fashion is often dictated by numbers, and by who is buying the most at a certain store.

    We are told from on high where to start our sizing, and work up from there. We start with sizes (small, 2, 23, whatever) based on research done on the customer for the particular store. Some stores have larger breasted women (how they figure these things out, I am not sure...) some have wider hips, some are shorter. Some markets will buy clothes very form fitting, some prefer a more roomy fit. It all varies not only from store to store but will often vary in the same store, throughout the US! (For example: major dept stores usually carry different fits and stock different sizes based on their market.)

    We fit our 'size small' on a model who is 5'7, 25" waist. It would be nice to do a larger range of sizes but if research shows the majority of women are buying a 10, well, it does not make economic sense to create XXS-XS clothes for the increasingly disappearing customer market of thin women. Kind of awful, huh? It would be nice to go back to vintage sizing- we still learn to create patterns on a 'size 6' dressform- what we would today call a 0 or a 2.

    If you are very small, a lot of Japanese clothing stores offer fairly decent shipping rates, and clothes that will be fashionable in the US next year. Weirdly enough, my favorite place for jeans and pants are Forever 21- although they changed them so they are not 100% cotton anymore, so that sucks.
    OMG, I've gotten sooo frustrated with clothing stores now because of all this statistical marketting BS. Even when I was heavier I liked clothes that were more close-fitting, and now that I'm thinner, it has become almost impossible because I am TAAALL. Close to 5'10". Not runway-model proportions or anything, I still have a broad ribcage and thick muscular legs, but still proportionally a lot skinnier than design statistics apparently anticipate. Everything that fits nice around the chest and waist ends about two inches above the top of my pants, and anything long enough hangs on me like a tent. And dont even get me started on @#(&@)#(&@@ "womens fit tshirts", not the babydoll ones, the ones that are extra wide and extra short which seem to be replacing the babydoll style on all my favorite cheap internet tshirt sites.

    My best workaround has been these cheap $6 camisole tanktops from H&M that are unexpectedly (and blessedly) long. I get them in a size 4 and layer them underneath all my shirts that are too short. Also, as the absolute last straw, I asked for a sewing machine for xmas and have been teaching myself to sew, ideally with the ultimate goal of tailoring things/making my own crap. Yeah its a lot of time and money but luckily I have really been enjoying it
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