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    My only frustration so far is that the hair on my legs is growing at an exponential rate. It used to be I could shave them once a month and that was all I needed. Now it's like every 3 days. I haven't noticed if the hair on my head is growing that fast or not, I'll have to check to see how often I'm getting it cut vs. before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by qurlybee View Post
    I am frustrated that on only my 5th day of primal, I've disproved my long-time belief that I have no willpower. I just turned down a myriad of my favorite pre-primal foods without a thought or regret. Now I don't have any more excuses
    Glad to hear you've had a great start! Stick with it you will be amazed at your results.
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    Frustration today: Going grocery shopping after the mostly-vegetarian SO gets back from her trip home and seeing the stuff she buys. Tofu, tortillas, pitas, corn chips, popcorn...

    To each their own, though it frustrates me a little for her to see my success, complain about her weight (I think she looks great) and then continue down a path that isn't working for her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canuck416 View Post
    Glad to hear you've had a great start! Stick with it you will be amazed at your results.
    Thank you!
    Today's frustration: Even worse. I turned down pizza, my pre-primal 2nd favorite food. And it was free. And there were so may extras left over that they were begging to give away.
    But I turned it down and it didn't even faze me. Where did my lack of self-control go??? It was such an awesome crutch!
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    Whenever I have a problem that makes me worry enough to book an appointment (happens once or twice a year), the problem heals up by the in the 2 or 3 days waiting to see a Dr/Nurse.
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    I cannot bear to go without a decent night's sleep any more. If I don't get at least 7 hours, I feel like I'm coming down with the flu and I am in bed right after dinner tha next night. I'm not sure if I just felt so crappy all the time before that I didn't notice the effect of not enough sleep or if eating better has made me into a fragile flower.
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    If you are feeling the cold, eat more fatty foods.
    A Doctor who spends months every year at one or the other of the poles, recommended this. (I wish I could get on his list, but then he would be absent most of the year!) I wonder though; did he get that tip from the Inuit?

    Incidentally, the other day I just stocked up with a week' or so supply of expensive, grass fed meat, and wild fish, etc. This afternoon my refrigerator packed up. So now all that lovely food is in the freezer... which I didn't really want to do!
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    Oh so many frustrating "frustrations".

    * I feel guilty when I look at people who are trying to be healthy and/or lose weight eating cardboard while I enjoy my delicious meal.

    * It annoys me when during lunch I'm not hungry or don't need even a snack while most of my friends/colleagues are famished and run to the cafeteria for their midday fix. I have to entertain myself otherwise.

    * I also have various old medications from some years back and I have to keep stopping by the pharmacy to dispose of them since they've remained unused and passed their expiration date. So much money wasted.

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    I can't wear jeans more than twice, because they fit out of the dryer with no problem and then get looser. I might have to start wearing belts! I don't like wearing belts!

    I am guessing in a couple of weeks, I will actually need new pants. I tried looking up how many lbs of weight loss = a new women's dress size, but there's no universal rule of thumb. Guess I will find out when I get there.

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    ok I have one really "first world problems" Primal rant. My husband splurged when we remodelled the house, and got us a 36" shiny black glass induction hob/cooktop with a fancy stainless steel backsplash. You would NOT believe the mess that a pan full of bacon makes of it, or how long it takes to restore it to pre-bacon glossiness. Our old crappy electric stove was much less stressful (and also 100% crappier). :P

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