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Thread: "Frustrations" with paleo/primal page 56

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    the world
    Primal Fuel
    There's an element of it that's just so cheesy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by namelesswonder View Post
    No meatloaf?
    Eh I just make meatballs instead. Saves me a dish to wash because I fry them up in my bacon grease pan.

    Quote Originally Posted by Finnegans Wake View Post
    This Primal crap is a big racket, subsidized by the clothing industry, I tell ya!
    Love it
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    I am forced to save money because my left overs are way better than the crap i used to buy for lunch on a daily basis, saving me $10 a day easy.

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    i'd never wanted to take my shirt off as was extremely body conscious and now i'm starting to develop enough muscle that i'm liking the look of all the hardwork in the gym and benefits of the primal lifestyle that i keep taking my shirt off to look at myself- i'm concerned i'll become one of the posers that takes pictures in the mirro constantly and puts them on social networking sites if this continues!!

    also i'm too broke to afford new clothes and all my old ones are too big-- sigggh
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    I had a caterpillar in my fresh-from-the-field salad. :P
    (And I ate half of it.)

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    Yay! Extra protein!

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    My dog is mad at me because now I get first dibs on the bone marrow. I never knew how good it was before. Bones were just something you tossed to dogs. Now he's saying, "Darn you, Mark Sisson. You let the cat out of the bag."

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    Quote Originally Posted by lssanjose View Post
    I like this idea, too. I'm a smallish guy. I'm not sure of any guys around here who'd be looking for some waist 30-34 (i had a baggy phase in life) jeans
    I'd be up for some clothes swapping- all my 29W jeans are getting tight on the thighs since I started lifting. Otherwise they might end up at a homeless vets shelter, which is what happened to everything that was too big.

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    I'm frustrated that none of my work trousers fit (not even the 'small' pair). They are mostly about 5in too big.

    So I had to buy a new pair today.
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    also in the pants department - a size 7 waist, size 6 hips and all my pants are size 8 (australian sizing, so 8 is generally the smallest you can buy easily). always pulling my pants back up, or folding over the waist, so the bum part isn't down around my thighs. not a good look LOL

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