For the past 6 years I've lived as a vegetarian, mostly, including some fish here and there when I wasn't completely guilt-ridden about eating it. (ohh, those veg folk love to guilt you out!!)

I successfully brainwashed myself into thinking that a veg diet is best for myself (for everyone, the planet, blah blah), but I just don't feel like it is working.

I used to be very overweight, and originally lost the majority of my weight eating meat + veg, but then became a vegetarian after that.

On Sunday, I ate my first hamburger in 6 years.! It was delicious I still am having a little trouble getting used to the idea that eating meat is 'ok', and it isn't bad. When you've spent almost 1/4 of your life following one idea, it's hard to adapt to another.

But, I like the idea of eating naturally, that was always my goal. Having tried vegetarian, vegan, raw food even, I'm ready to try something new. Primal seems to make sense!

Anyway, Hello! Nice to meet you all! any other former vegetarian folk around? How did you hear about primal and how did you make the decision to switch?