My name is Laura and I'm fairly new to Primal lifestyle. I am a working wife, and mother of one. I am a cervical cancer survivor who, in the past 2 years, began my lifestyle change. Lost 50+ lbs following low carb/low calorie/high protein diet and changed to a much more active lifestyle.

I just completed my first triathlon season and I am absolutely in LOVE with the sport. I completed 4 sprint distance triathlons this season, with pretty decent results for my first time out. I love the training, the races, the friendship and camaraderie -- everything!

I have set a goal for myself to lose my final 10 lbs. (goal weight of about 120 lbs. - I'm 5'4" tall) before next triathlon season, to be in peak physical condition to begin my training again in January. My other goal is to do an Olympic distance before my 40th birthday (10/31/1972). To date, I have found it difficult to train and go Primal in-tandem. I intend to continue running, cycling and swimming through the winter, but I need your tips on fueling Primal-style, while attempting to lose a little weight.

How hard-core are you other triathletes with total Primal lifestyle while training? What supplements are you using/taking? Do you completely rely on whole foods, or do you still use gels such as GU or zipvit? How do you fuel for those long runs, long bike rides and long swims?

I appreciate any help and feedback you can give. The more details the better.... Thanks!!!